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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947) was the First Lady (1993-2001), New York Senator (2001-2009), the Secretary of State in President Obama's Cabinet (2009-2013), and the 2016 Democratic nominee who famously cheated in the 2016 Democratic Primary and also in the Presidential Election, but still lost to President Donald J. Trump. She is married to former President Bill Clinton. At the peak of her career as Secretary of State, Clinton conducted both the Uranium One Scandal and the Benghazi Scandal, both of which were later investigated with no charges being brought. Clinton is known for her war crimes in Libya. Her scandals run back to at least the 1980's including covering up for Bill Clinton's rape allogations and Whitewater real estate scams.

Bought the DNC, Stole the Primary from Bernie

According to a 2017 judge ruling, Hillary Clinton coopted the DNC and defrauded Senator Bernie Sanders and in many ways every Democratic voter and Bernie donor in America to win the Democratic Presidential Primary. The Clinton Campaign took advantage of the DNC's financial troubles and Hillary for America was allowed to take over the DNC in a $10 million deal, which gave her control of all DNC hires and finances. Bernie Sanders never had a chance, but rather than stand up for the millions of people who put their political hopes in him against the criminal Clinton Campaign, Sanders was booed for endorsing Hillary Clinton for President against Donald Trump.

Overthrew Libyan Government with Soros-Backed Terrorists

Hillary Clinton, as US Secretary of State, supported the Arab Spring, Soros-funded Color Revolutions, which led to the overthrow of serveral governments including Libya and Egypt. With tactical support from the CIA, and financial support from USAID and George Soros extremist militant groups created unrest within the nations of northern Africa. Barack Obama's military dropped a record 100,000 bombs of 7 nations largely in support of terrorist groups who the CIA would cajole into escalating violence until the ultimate ousting the leader. Hillary was famously quoted gloating and laughing about the murder of Muammar Gaddafi saying, "We came! We saw! He died!" But when the CIA overthrows a foreign government and installs their own, they do not win the hearts and minds of the people. A civil war instantly insues as the strong willed Gaddafi supporters seek to regain control of their government. The death toll from the CIA-Israeli wars for control of the Soros Color Revolution governments go largely unreported in the American press.

As a member of the CFIUS Board in 2010, Secretary of State Clinton signed off on a large sale of America's uranium ore supply to Kremlin connected corporation Rosatom. Amidst the Uranium One negotiations and CFIUS approval, Clinton Foundation recieved approximately $145 million in "donations" from Uranium One executives including Frank Guistra, who is now President of the Clinton Foundation.

It was revealed through FIOA requests that Hillary Clinton was using an unencrypted private email server out of her home for State Department business. Subsequently, an FBI investigation was opened into Hillary Clinton's use of that unsecured private server to send and recieve more than 2000 classified email chains, each one being a felony. On July 5, 2016, FBI Director James Comey announced, "No reasonable prosecutor would bring that case against Clinton."

As part of the FBI investigation into Clinton's email servers and devices. During the investigation it was revealed that 33,000 emails, which likely contain evidence of many other pay for play schemes that Hillary Clinton supported in her tenure as Secretary of State.

Her book, "What Happened" details the her opinion of how the election swung in favor of Donald Trump. She blames everyone but herself, first and foremost perhaps is the editor of Wikileaks, Julian Assange and his famous release of the DNC Emails. The Podesta emails revealed that Hillary recieved debate questions in advance of town halls, colluded with the mainstream media, including CNN and FANG social networking companies to profile and influence voters. The reality is Hillary Clinton political carreer is rife with scandals including Whitewater, Benghazi, Uranium One, ServerGate, and the cover ups that ensued.

Recieved Questions from CNN Before Debate Against Sanders

DNC emails released by Wikileaks revealed that CNN employee Clinton Campaign colluded with Donna Brazile from CNN. The Deep State Media routinely targets WikiLeaks and Julian Assange and currently he is a prisonor within the Embassey of Ecuador in London. If he leaves, he would likely be arrested by UK authorities and extradicted to the United States for a criminal trial in a kangaroo court.

that give Hillary's campaign "the right of refusal of who would be the party communications director, and it would make final decisions on all the other staff." The DNC also was required to consult with the campaign about all other staffing, budgeting, data, analytics, and mailings.
State Department Spending Habits

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a big spender, increasing the State Department Budget by 29% the year she and Obama arrived in Washington, from $38.8 Billion to $50.1 Billion Hillary control of $50-60 Billion per year going largely to USAID including a

Hillary Stored Classified Documents on an Private Server

During the 2016 election, published the Podesta emails and the DNC emails, both of which revealed that Hillary Clinton, her sent and recieved classified information on an unsecured private servers. Each on of those is a crime to either "knowingly" particpate in or have "gross negligence" with regaurds to the protection of classified information.

James Comey covered for Hillary underoath by claiming she did not mean for classified information to end up on her private server and that she was extremely careless, which is a lawyer trick orchistrated by Peter Strzok to avoid the legal ramification of her gross negligence. As a result, Comey shut down the FBI investigation into Clinton's email server, only to be reopened after Comey claims he learned of the Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting, just before the 2016 election,

Whitewater Scandal

The Whitewater Scandal was a loan fraud spree committed by then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton with Jim and Susan McDougal. They created a real estate company called Whitewater Development Corporation. They split 230 acres of undeveloped land in Flippin, Arkansas, and built a high end neighborhood called Castle Grande in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. Webster Hubbell and Hillary's Rose Lawfirm lawyers wrote loans that included a home reposession clause if a single payment was missed.

Convientently for the Clinton's, interest rates were spiking in the late 1970's. just before interest rates rose collapsing the economy. When their borrowers missed payments, the Clintons kept the downpayments and repossessed the homes and resold them.

McDougal contributed to Clinton's campaign, paying of his debts. Jean Lewis named the Clintons as wittnesses in the case and testified before the Whitewater Committee in 1995.

Hillary Clinton's Whitewater testimony is brought into question in draft indictment written by Office of Independent Council accusing Hillary of crimes of false testimony and withholding evidence according to Judicial Watch, specifically the Rose Lawfirm billing records, which Judicial Watch FOIA requested, but were hiden until after the Statute of Limitiations expired after 6 years. Judicial Watch's FOIA request for the indictment draft was delayed for years and eventually denied citing Hillary's right to personal privacy overrules the public interest, so Judicial Watch sued and were denied in the appealate court to allow them to see the draft indictments that the White Water investigators put down in Hillary's draft indictment.

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Secretary of State (2009-2013)
Born: October 26, 1947
Chicago, IL
Parents: Hugh Ellsworth Rodham, Borothy Emma
Siblings: Hugh Clinton, Tony Clinton
Education: Wellesley College (1969) Yale Law (1973)
Spouse: Bill Clinton (1975)
Children: Chelsea
Professional Details
Arkansas: First Lady (1979-1981), (1983-1992)
United States: First Lady (1993-2001)
US Senate: Senator from New York (2001-2009)
President Obama's Cabinet: Secretary of State (2009-2013)