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John McCain

John Sidney McCain III (August 29, 1936) is a US Senator from Arizona (1987) and is alleged to have aided in the creation of both ISIS (2013). McCain met with the leaders of ISIS including the head of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Badhdadi in 2013 in the early days of the conflict.

Funded ISIS - met al-Baghdadi weeks before Senate Testimony Funding FSA

It was widely reported by mainstream sources that in 2013 Senator John McCain travelled to Syria to meet with leaders from the Free Syrian Army. They we joined by at least three known members of the ISIS army, including the head of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Bagdhdadi. This meeting is evidence of an alliance between the FSA and ISIS, which John McCain not only failed to disclose to the American people during his Senate testimony on US Strategy for Intervention in the Middle East.

Instead of disclosing the relationships between these anti-Assad terrorist armies, John McCain argued for the arming and funding of "moderate" rebel groups including the Free Syrian Army (FSA) inside Syria to overthrow the Assad government. He referenced an article written by Elizabeth O'Bagy, a woman fired from the Institute for the Study of War for "not disclosing her relationship with the Syrian Emergency Task Force, directed by Mouaz Moustafa, who was present at the famous McCain-FSA-ISIS alliance meeting, seen below.

The McCain-FSA-ISIS Alliance meeting occured in Kurdish territory a mile inside Syria on May 27, 2013.

John Sidney McCain
Senator from Arizona (1987)
Preceded By: Barry Goldwater
Born: August 29, 1936
Coco Solo, Panama Canal
Education: (grad)
Professional Details
US Navy: Retired as captain (1960-1981)
US House: Rep. (R-Az) (1983-1987)
US Senate: Senator(1987)