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Robert Mueller

Robert Swan "Bob" Mueller III (Birthday) is the former FBI Director and the Team Leader of the Special Counsel investigating the Trump campaign for unfounded colussion accusations (2017). The irony is, as FBI Director, Mueller assisted in the Obama Administration and Clinton State Dept. approval of the sale of Uranium One to a Cremlin connected company Rosatom.

He attended Yale University where Mueller was a member a secret society known as the Skull and Bones.

Uranium One Sale Approved Despite Clinton Foundation Bribes

In 2010, Rosatom, a Russian nuclear energy company, was attempting to purchase Uranium One, a uranium mining company based in the United States controlling an estimated 20% of the American uranium reserves. Since uranium is an active ingredient in nuclear weapons, its a highly controlled national security asset, and any foreign corperation that wanted to purchase Uranium One, would need to get every member of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), made up of memebers from Barack Obama's cabinet, to sign off the deal created" no unresolved national security concerns".

According to Breitbart, CFIUS approved Rosatom's purchase of Uranium One on October 22, 2010. Rosatom now controls more than 20% of America's Uranium reserves.

CFIUS Board Members Approved Uranium Sale to Russia

The CFIUS Board is largely made up of Presidential Cabinet members. In 2010, when the CFIUS board, which Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder are both members, approved the sale of Uranium One Krimlin backed energy company, Rosatom. It was revealed by wikileaks that not only did the FBI know that board members of Uranium One were bribing the CFIUS board, Robert Swan Mueller actually delivered a highly enriched uranium sample to Russia, exposing to the Russian government that the FBI was completely compromised back in 2010. Leaked FBI documents showed Uranium One board members including Frank Giustra donated $145 million to the Clinton Foundation in the time frame when CFIUS approved the uranium deal, which should violated the national security stipulation of the CFIUS approval process.

Lied about Iraq's WMDs to start War.

Name Department Signature
Tim Geithner
Dept. of the Treasury
Eric Holder Dept. of Justice
Janet Napolitano Dept. of the Homeland Security
Gary Locke Dept. of the Commerce
Robert Gates Dept. of Defense
Hillary Clinton Dept. of State
Steven Chu Dept. of Energy
Ron Kirk Dept. of the U.S. Trade Representative
John Holdren Dept. of the U.S. Science & Technology Policy
The following offices also observe and, as appropriate, participate in CFIUS’s activities:
Office of Management & Budget
Council of Economic Advisors
National Security Council
National Economic Council
Homeland Security Council

Special Counsel Mueller's Legal Team

Zainab Ahmad US Attorney's Office Assistant US Attorney - Eastern District of New York
Rush Atkinson US DOJ Fraud Trial Attorney
Greg Andres US DOJ Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General
Peter Carr
(team spokesman)
US DOJ Spokesman
Michael Dreeben US DOJ Deputy Solicitor General
Kyle Freeny US DOJ Money Laundering Unit Attorney
Andrew D. Goldstein US Attorney's Office Public Corruption Unit Leader - Southern District of New York
Adam Jed US DOJ Civil Division Attorney
Robert Mueller
(team leader)
US DOJ Special Counsel, former FBI Director
Lisa C. Page US DOJ Trial Attorney - FBI's Criminal Division Organized Crime Section
Elizabeth Barchas Prelogar US DOJ Assistant with the Solicitor General's office
James L. Quarles III US DOJ Former Assistant Special Prosecutor (Watergate)
Jeannie Rhee US DOJ Partner at WilmerHale
Peter Strzok
(removed August 16, 2017)
US DOJ Counterintelligence Investigator.
Brandon Van Grack US DOJ National Security Division Prosecutor
Andrew Weissmann US DOJ Criminal Fraud Section Chief
Aaron Zebley US DOJ Former FBI Chief of Staff under Mueller
Aaron Zelinsky US Attorney's Office Attorney on Detail - District of Maryland
Robert Mueller
Former FBI Director (2001-2013)
Born: August 7, 1944
New York City, NY
Parents: Alice C. Truesdale (1920–2007) and Robert Swan Mueller Jr.
Siblings: Susan, Sandra, Joan, & Patricia
Education: Princeton U. (1966)
New York U. (1967)
U. of Virginia (JD) (1973)
Spouse: Ann Cabell Standish (1966)
Children: Cynthia & Melissa
Professional Details
Pillsbury, Madison and Sutro lawfirm: Litigator (1973-1976)
US Attorney's Office: CA's Northern District
Criminal Div. Chief (1982)
US Attorney (1998-2001)
DC's District
Senior Litigator (1995-1998)
Hill and Barlow lawfirm: (1989)
US DOJ: Assistant to AG Dick Thornburgh (1989-1990)
Assistant AG - Criminial Div. (1990-1990)
Special Counsel (2017)
Hale and Dorr: Partner (1993-1995)
FBI: Director (2001-2013)
Stanford U.: Professor (2013-2014)
WilmerHale: Partner (2014-2017)
Board Memberships: American College of Trial Lawyers (1991)