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US Attorney's Offices

US Attorney's Offices (est. date) are the federal government's prosecutors offices in the 93 districts accross America and it's territories.

List of Current U.S. Attorneys' Offices

District Chief Judge U.S. Attorney
Middle District of Alabama William Keith Watkins Louis V. Franklin Sr.
Northern District of Alabama Karon O. Bowdre Jay Town
Southern District of Alabama Kristi DuBose Richard W. Moore
District of Alaska Timothy Mark Burgess Bryan Schroder
District of Arizona Raner C. Collins Elizabeth A. Strange
Eastern District of Arkansas Brian Stacy Miller J. Cody Hiland
Western District of Arkansas Paul K. Holmes III Kenneth Elser
Central District of California Virginia A. Phillips Sandra Brown
Eastern District of California Lawrence Joseph O'Neill Phillip Talbert
Northern District of California Brian Stretch
Southern District of California Barry Ted Moskowitz Alana Robinson (2017)
District of Colorado Marcia S. Krieger Robert C. Troyer (Acting)
District of Connecticut Janet C. Hall Deirdre M. Daly
District of Delaware Leonard P. Stark David C. Weiss
District of Columbia Jessie K. Liu
Middle District of Florida
Northern District of Florida Margaret Catharine Rodgers Christopher P. Canova (Acting)
Southern District of Florida Benjamin G. Greenberg (Acting)
Middle District of Georgia Clay D. Land G.F. Peterman
Northern District of Georgia Thomas W. Thrash Jr. Byung J. Pak
Southern District of Georgia James Randal Hall James D. Durham
Districts of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands
District of Hawaii Elliot Enoki (Acting)
District of Idaho B. Lynn Winmill Bart Davis
Central District of Illinois James E. Shadid Patrick D. Hansen
Northern District of Illinois Joel R. Levin (Acting) Ruben Castillo
Southern District of Illinois Michael Joseph Reagan (2014) Donald S. Boyce Jr.
Northern District of Indiana Philip Simon David A. Capp
Southern District of Indiana Jane Magnus-Stinson Joshua Minkler
Northern District of Iowa Leonard T. Strand Peter Deegan
Southern District of Iowa Marc Krickbaum
District of Kansas Julie A. Robinson Thomas E. Beall
Eastern District of Kentucky Karen K. Caldwell Carlton S. Shier IV
Western District of Kentucky Joseph H. McKinley Jr. Russell Coleman
Eastern District of Louisiana Kurt D. Engelhardt Duane A. Evans
Middle District of Louisiana Brian Anthony Jackson Corey R. Amundson (2017)
Western District of Louisiana Dee D. Drell Alexander C. Van Hook (2017)
District of Maine Nancy Torresen Halsey Frank
District of Maryland Stephen M. Schenning (Acting)
District of Massachusetts Patti B. Saris William D. Weinreb (Acting)
Eastern District of Michigan Denise Page Hood Daniel L. Lemisch (Acting)
Western District of Michigan Robert James Jonker Andrew B. Birge (Acting)
District of Minnesota John R. Tunheim Gregory G. Brooker (Acting)
Northern District of Mississippi Sharion Aycock Robert Norman (Acting)
Southern District of Mississippi Louis Guirola Jr. D. Michael Hurst Jr. (2017)
Eastern District of Missouri Rodney W. Sippel Jeffrey Jensen (2017)
Western District of Missouri David Gregory Kays Thomas Larson (Acting)
District of Montana Dana L. Christensen Kurt Alme
District of Nebraska Laurie Smith Camp Robert C. Stuart (Acting)
District of Nevada Gloria Navarro Steven W. Myhre (Acting)
District of New Hampshire Joseph Normand Laplante John J. Farley (Acting)
District of New Jersey William E. Fitzpatrick (2017)
District of New Mexico M. Christina Armijo James D. Tierney (Acting)
Eastern District of New York Bridget Rohde (Acting)
Northern District of New York Richard S. Hartunian (2010)
Southern District of New York Joon Kim (Acting, 2016)
Western District of New York James P. Kennedy (Acting)
Eastern District of North Carolina James C. Dever III Robert Higdon Jr.
Middle District of North Carolina William Lindsay Osteen Jr. Sandra J. Hairston (Acting)
Western District of North Carolina Frank DeArmon Whitney Jill Westmoreland Rose (2015)
District of North Dakota Daniel L. Hovland vacant
Northern District of Ohio Patricia Anne Gaughan Justin Herdman (2017)
Southern District of Ohio Edmund A. Sargus Jr. Benjamin C. Glassman (Acting, 2016)
Eastern District of Oklahoma Ronald A. White Brian Kuester
Northern District of Oklahoma Gregory Kent Frizzell R. Trent Shores
Western District of Oklahoma Mark A. Yancey (Acting, 2016)
District of Oregon Michael W. Mosman Billy J. Williams
Eastern District of Pennsylvania Lawrence F. Stengel (2017) Louis D. Lappen (Acting, 2016)
Middle District of Pennsylvania Christopher C. Conner (2017) Bruce D. Brandler (Acting, 2016)
Western District of Pennsylvania Joy Flowers Conti (2013) Soo C. Song (Acting, 2016)
District of Puerto Rico Aida Delgado-Colon (2011) Rosa Emilia Rodríguez-Vélez (2007)
District of Rhode Island William E. Smith (2013) Stephen G. Dambruch (Acting)
District of South Carolina Terry L. Wooten (2013) Beth Drake (Acting, 2016)
District of South Dakota Jeffrey L. Viken (2013) Randy Seiler (2015)
Eastern District of Tennessee Thomas A. Varlan (2012) Nancy S. Harr
Middle District of Tennessee Waverly D. Crenshaw Jr. (2017) Donald Q. Cochran (2017)
Western District of Tennessee Stanley Thomas Anderson (2017) D. Michael Dunavant (2017)
Eastern District of Texas Ron Clark (2015) Brit Featherston (Acting)
Northern District of Texas Barbara M. Lynn (2016) John R. Parker (2014)
Southern District of Texas Lee H. Rosenthal (2016) Abe Martinez (Acting)
Western District of Texas Orlando Luis Garcia (2016) Richard Durbin (2014)
District of Utah David Nuffer (2014) John W. Huber (2015)
District of Vermont Christina Reiss (2010) Eugenia A.P. Cowles (Acting, 2017)
District of the Virgin Islands Wilma A. Lewis (2013)
Eastern District of Virginia Rebecca Beach Smith (2011) Dana J. Boente (2011)
Western District of Virginia Michael F. Urbanski (2017) Rick A. Mountcastle (Acting)
Eastern District of Washington Thomas O. Rice Joseph Harrington (Acting)
Western District of Washington Ricardo S. Martinez (2016) Annette Hayes (Acting)
Northern District of West Virginia Gina Marie Groh (2015) William J. Powell (2017)
Southern District of West Virginia Thomas E. Johnston (2017) Carol Casto (Acting, 2017)
Eastern District of Wisconsin William C. Griesbach (2012) Gregory Haanstad (Acting, 2015)
Western District of Wisconsin James D. Peterson (2017) Jeffrey M. Anderson (Acting)
District of Wyoming Nancy D. Freudenthal (2011) John Robert Green
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